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22 January 2013 @ 04:17 pm

So, you make it here. Hello!

This lj is solely for my JPOP fandom (90% Arashi, 9% Japanese-related stuffs, 1% arts and crafts).

All entries from 2009-2011 are locked because they're just my Arashi-related experiences and my rants and words of encouragement about my university life and I don't think anyone is interested to read 'em. Some of them are memories I chose not to go back to. University life was fulfilling (soul searching, pilgrimage-like, mind-opening, what's-my-purpose-in-this-world kind of) but at the same time, painful (let's leave it at that). But heck, I survived it!

If we are in the same fandom, feel more free to talk to me.

Current Music: 虹の力ケラ~no rain, no rainbow~ - Arashi